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Upgrade Policy

Minor updates vs. major upgrades

A minor update consists of bug fixes and patches that may include some enhancements and small, added features to the software. Minor updates are signified by minor version number changes. For example, a minor update from version 4.0 would be 4.1 or 4.01.
A major upgrade consists of major enhancements and new features added to the software. Major upgrades are signified by a major version number change. For example, a major upgrade from version 4.0 would be 5.0.

What am I entitled to?

Registered users are entitled to free minor updates. Major upgrades must be purchased. Below are some examples that illustrate this:

  • Users of Web Weaver 98 are entitled to version 98.1 for free (minor update)
  • Users of Web Weaver 98 must pay to upgrade to Web Weaver 2005 (major upgrade)

  • Users of J-Perk 4.0 are entitled to version 4.22 for free (minor update)
  • Users of J-Perk 4.0 and 5.0 must pay to upgrade to J-Perk 7 (major upgrade)
Major upgrades cost $10.
(Upgrading from Web Weaver Standard version to Web Weaver Gold costs $4.95 in addition)

Click here to upgrade if you are a registered user of Web Weaver or J-Perk.

Email with your questions or comments.