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J-Perk Rotating Image 3D Cube Web page effect Javascript DHTML script   Anti-Spam Email Link

Email spammers have automated software that visit Web sites (your Web site, too) and steal email addresses from links on each page. They sell your email address to other spam companies and send you endless amounts of spam email. This is one of the main sources that spammers use for email addresses.

J-Perk can create email links for your Web page that prevent spammers from stealing your email address! Download J-Perk and see it work!

Reduce the amount of spam you get and stop people from stealing your email address!

J-Perk has more than 55 Javascripts, DHTML effects and Web page effects for your Web site! Pick from animations, image mouseovers and rollovers, slideshows, DHTML menus, Digital clocks, Web page password protection, Web page buttons, Sound effects, Scrolling text tickers and many more!