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Web Weaver Online Lessons

When you purchase Web Weaver you will receive Web Weaver's Online lessons which teach you:

Beginner Lessons:
  • How to create a Web page
  • What HTML is and how to use it
  • How to put images in your Web pages
  • Explains all the HTML Extension tags created by Netscape and Microsoft
  • Provides you with links to all the HTML specifications which explain all HTML tags and what they do

Intermediate Lessons:
  • How to create and manage Frames on your Web pages
  • How to implement Tables in your Web pages
  • Creating Imagemaps to enhance your pages
  • Learn all about animations
  • Learn about search engines and have access to Web Weaver's Submission page which allows you to easily submit your Web pages to the most popular search engines.

Advanced Lessons:
  • Fill-out Forms
  • Guestbooks
  • CGI scripting
  • Client Pull/Server Push
  • Server Side Includes
  • Java and Javascript
  • ActiveX technologies
  • VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language
  • Cascading Style Sheets

Graphics Lessons:
  • How to create high-impact Web pages with graphics
  • Links to sites that contain free backgrounds, bullets, and other images
  • Recommendations for graphics applications to use for creating/editing great images for your pages